PCB Services


PCB Services


we offer a product can be achieved only after it has been designed thoroughly and every single aspect and detail been given the attention it deserves. EIL has the capability to do a complete PCB design by taking into account all of the customer requirements.

DNCL Technologies is highly strong on PCB design solution. And our specialist in enhancing the high speed and two & multi-layer, mixed signals and RF PCB designing. DNCL technologies providing the high performance of RF and mixed signals board designing combined with signal integrity and thermal analysis.
DNCL take the total accountability for the complete board development cycle from schematic development to delivering the tested assembled boards with the required approvals and certification.
DNCL offer the customer maximum flexibility for high speed and high density, manufacturing of PCB and cost.

Architectural design

  •   Requirements of specification and test plans.
  •   Schematic development, BOM netlists, routing and layout guidelines, board stack up PCB specifications.
  •   High speed PCB layout service using internal or external resources.
  •   Board designing objects.
  •   Selection and management of subcontractors for manufacturing, sourcing etc.
  •   Bring-up verification.
  •   Reverse engineering.
  •   Compliance testing including environmental and regulatory.
  •   Ruggedized and conduction cooled boards for MIL and space applications.
  •   ROHS compliance design.
  •   DFM and DFT reviews, report etc.
  •   SI analyses.
  •   Design output.
  •   Business module.
  •   PCB board manufacturing and assembly support.
  •   Product test system specification and design.

PCB Expects:

  • Two layer or Multilayer PCB design
  • Pcb board testing
  • PCB layout designing
  • PCB assembling and smd soldering





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